VI Philosophy Olympiad – Stara Zagora.

III International Philosophy Olympiad – Bulgaria, Germany, Poland, Romania, Turkey.


1. Can we depart from the premise, that it is absolutely forbidden to do injustice, or we can admit that under certain circumstances this is allowed. (Plato)

2. It is impossible that we can actually perceive ourselves as not existing. (Unamuno)

3. Everyone is another and no one is himself. (Heidegger)

4. To philosophize is to be on the road. Questions are more important in philosophy than answers. (Jaspers)

1.2.      Andrea Fortuna          Romania                     95

2.1.      Katia Todorova          Bulgaria                      95

3.         Mateusz Olszevski     Poland                        93,5

4.         Elisaveta Varbanova  Bulgaria                      90,25

5.6.      Therese Dorr               Germany                     90

6.5.      Silvia Zaharieva          Bulgaria                      89

7.         Rainer Moeller            Germany                     89

8.         Jan Sowa                    Poland                        85

9.         Michael Beiermann    Germany                     83

10.       Dobroslaw Kot           Poland                        78,3

11.       Aysegul Bayraktar     Turkey                        75

12.       Enona Chiriac             Romania                     70

13.       Sadok Kohen             Turkey                        67,5

14.       Demet Dinler              Turkey                        61



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